Thursday, July 26, 2012

just a quickie


  • I registered for the Reggae Run! Officially! It's 2 weeks from this Saturday, and I'm nervous. But I'm fairly certain I can do it.
  • I joined a 10 week challenge on MFP! The women in the group seem really nice and supportive, and the tiny bit of competition might do me well. I have been extra exercisey since I joined yesterday, because I gotta rock that first weigh-in! 
  • I went running tonight even though I'm tired, hungry, and it's raining. Caroline-from-3-months-ago would still be watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother and stuffing her face with pizza. I have a feeling she would be scoffing at me. But I think she's so gross, and I never want to associate with her again.
  • I've been considering my gymish options. I'm really never going to be able to do Zumba in the fall (waaaaah!), so I don't think I'm going to renew my membership to the Natatorium. It's a wonderful facility, but it's super pricey and I'm intimidated by the strength training area. Which is really the only thing I'd need out of the gym, if I'm getting my cardio through running. 
  • Crossfit? I'm seriously contemplating giving it a shot. The intro class is free, so I think I'm going to sign up and see what they could do for me. It seems painful and hardcore, but I want to be awesome and it does seem to make people awesome. 
  • I said "goodbye" to the 250s today. First 270, then 260, and now 250? Life is good. Total weight loss to date: 21.4 pounds! I don't think I've had this sort of success with anything before. 
  • Our exchange student arrives in exactly 3 months hahahaHAHA did I say "months"?  WEEKS. THREE. WEEKS. Dear god. 
Workouts this week: 3
Miles walked/run this month: 24.5
How awesome I feel today: a solid 7. could be better, could be much worse...

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