Thursday, July 5, 2012


I went running during a thunderstorm today. It was lovely - very quiet, very lonely, very zen. And the couple of times I did pass someone else, I didn't look away like I usually do. Friendly hat-tip, because we are running in a severe thunderstorm togetherAlso, I wore my Vibram FiveFingers for the first time on a run! And thank goodness I did, because I can't imagine anything worse than sliding around in soaking wet sneakers and socks. Aside from this persistant pain in my left ankle/shin/calf/everything, it was good! Great, actually. Focusing on not getting struck by lightening and splashing in puddles took my mind off the whole running = work thing, and I could relax and enjoy it. C25K has been deceptively easy thus far. I haven't felt like dying, nor have I ever looked at the run lengths and freaked out. I think that's the key, really. If you think there's no way you can run for 3 minutes/5 minutes/20 minutes, you're right - you can't. GTFO, negative thoughts.

Workouts this week: 4
Miles walked/ran/huffed and puffed this month: 3.76
How awesome I feel today, on a scale of 1 - 10: 9!

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